Care4Calais – Special Appeal

There are currently around 1,000 refugees sleeping rough in Calais and Dunkirk; another 500 refugees in Brussels; and over 1,500 in Paris. These migrants have no access to even basic sanitation and may not have changed their clothes in weeks, leading to skin disease and similar problems. Since the closure of the Calais migrant camps (Calais Jungle), these refugees have no shelter at night or regular food supply, and their health is in shocking decline.

The refugee crisis in Europe is the biggest challenge of our generation to which we can’t turn a ‘blind-eye’; we at St Peter’s are going to do what we can to help through supporting the Care4Calais backpack appeal.

What is needed

Care4Calais provides direct aid to refugees living in the worst conditions across France and Belgium who do not have access to shelter from the elements, basic sanitation or health facilities, adequate food, clothing or other daily essentials.

We’ve been in touch with Care4Calais and are told that the greatest need at present is with boys between the age of 13yrs and 15yrs so our appeal will focus on these young people.

How we can help

One of the best ways we can help these boys is to provide ready-made packs that they can easily carry full of the key essential things they need on a daily basis.

We are launching our appeal on Sunday 26th August with a display in the Narthex showing what the packs contain. There will also be an inventory of items (a big cardboard sign!) on which you can personally commit to provide selected items as well as ‘shopping lists’ to take away with you on which you can make a note of the items you’ve promised buy.

Your donated items can be deposited in the box in the Narthex which is labelled “Care4Calais”.

A convoy for Calais is leaving Brentwood on 28th September. Let’s see if we can have at least 15 completed backpacks ready to join the convoy.